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Vol 3 (2012)

Table of Contents

JUROS Science & Technology

The Higgs Boson? PDF
Jonathan Timcheck
How Far Did Wii Run? PDF
Shayna Moratt
Race-related Stress and its Correlations with Preterm Births, Rapid Births, and Low Birth Weights PDF
Ronae Kashawna McLin
Surveying the ALS Population of Columbus and Dayton Over Their Thoughts of the Possible Placement of a Comprehensive ALS Center in Central Ohio PDF
Madison Nicole McClain
The Effects of Lycosoid Spider Density within Trophic Cascades PDF
Diana Marie Saintignon, Erica Kistner
Self-Concept in Muslim Adolescent Girls: Hijab and the School Experience PDF
Eman Tiba
Body Perception: Parents Poorly Perceive Children’s Fitness Characteristics PDF
Elan Joshua Lieber
Testing the Best Time to Administer a Screening Test for Sleep Apnea Prior to Outpatient Procedures PDF
Madison Nicole McClain
Production of Human Erythropoietin in Transgenic Canola Employing the Technology of Oleosin Fusion PDF
Corin Newman

JUROS Arts & Humanities

A Community of Me: The Role of Participation Allocation in Determining the Effectiveness of Consumer Empowerment Strategies PDF
Zachary M. Friedman
To Feel, or Not to Feel, is it a Question of Time? The Influence of Feedback Availability on the Magnitude of Anticipated Regret PDF
Qijia Chen


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